Kelvin Cruickshank: Soul Food

He astounded people with his incredible ability to communicate with spirit in the hit TV series Sensing Murder.  Acclaimed medium Kelvin Cruickshank passes on messages to as many people as possible from their loved ones in the afterlife at his live Soul Food shows - Spirit willing.  This is a rare opportunity to see Kelvin working with spirit and maybe even hear from someone you have loved and lost.  Come and experience his amazing gift for yourself.

Nigel Latta

Following on from the hugely entertaining "Politically Incorrect Parenting Show" comes "The Politically Incorrect Guide to Teenagers"Nigel Latta takes the audience on a twisty turny ride through the twisty turny adventure that is raising a teenager.
Based on his best selling book the audience will be regaled with stories including the wonders of stroppy teenagers, the mysteries of the teenage brain, and why it's good if they say they hate you.
If you can understand why teenagers are the way they are, then you will probably find everything makes a lot more sence.


The Underarm

This is the story of two brothers ripped apart by the most infamous act in trans-Tasman sport, what Rob Muldoon described as "An act of cowardice appropriate to a team that wears a yellow uniform".

As adults, the brothers are reunited at the Basin Reserve in Wellington. What results is a tumultuous ride through sport, politics and the ugly side of broken families. And, of course, the perennial sledging match that is Aussie-Kiwi relations.


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